Farsoon Industrial Metals

Farsoon Total Solutions for Metal Additive Manufacturing

​Farsoon’s metal systems are high quality industrial level machines. Featuring powerful laser options, advanced scanning systems, in-build monitoring and many other features, Farsoon machines produce parts with excellent surface quality, accuracy, and mechanical properties.

Farsoon FS421M Direct Metal Laser Sintering


​The FS421M additive metal melting system is a true manufacturing systems capable continuous production.

Build Size: 425 x 425 x 420mmmm
Laser Type: 500W Yb-fibre laser

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Farsoon F271M Direct Metal Laser Sintering


​Farsoon is the only laser sintering system producer that allows for complete freedom of operation of its machines. This means that machine parameters and powder choice are unlocked for the user allowi...

Build Size: 275×275×320mmmm
Laser Type: 500W Yb-fibre laser

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Farsoon F121M Direct Metal Laser Sintering


​The FS121M is an accessible small frame system allowing the user to select between multiple spot sizes and recoating blades, this combined with a small footprint and reduced need for ancillary equipme...

Build Size: 120×120×100mmmm
Laser Type: 200W Yb-fibre laser

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​Farsoon Qualified Metal Materials for Additive Manufacturing

All metals powders for use with Farsoon equipment is supplied by our Preferred Powder Suppliers. Farsoon has tested and qualified a large portfolio of metal materials for additive manufacturing to ensure material parameter sets pre-loaded on all Farsoon equipment will produce parts with consistent, predictable properties.